(Image courtesy: John Hill)

Humanity, as a whole, is facing an extraordinary situation. In a certain sense it is a crisis which is multidimensional – including climate change, resource depletion, debt-based economy, state-terrorism, gender disparity, loneliness and depression, among others. If this crisis is not met squarely, according to scores of experts, it could even endanger the survival of humanity as well as our fellow species.

Yet, if we look at it afresh, the situation is also of great opportunity – an opportunity to get rid of a globalized, self-injurious system nurtured by violence.

The very global nature of the situation necessitates a (global) consensus. That is to say, each and every one of us needs to have a comprehensive understanding and response to the situation. We need to take up an educative process which is as personal as it is global. And it is important for us to keep in mind that, it is not like we are going to get exposed to some dire consequences at some point in future; we are already in it and it is getting worse exponentially. Millions of people, the majority drawn from the poorest segment of the global community, are already victims of the situation for which they are least responsible. In other words, the self-educative process we need to take up is not at all a choice; it is an irreducible minimum responsibility of all sensible, ethically-minded human beings.

This blog is envisioned to assist this educative process — especially on aspects of ecology, energy and political economy. As with any other subject in the internet era, there is a copious amount of information on these topics. It calls for a lot of personal initiative and sheer luck for a person to find reliable sources of primary information. For this reason, here, we have chosen a handful of articles and videos, to give one an overarching and substantial overview of the state of affairs. By suggesting these articles and videos, it does not mean that we, the creators of this blog, agree with each idea of the authors or producers. It is just that we really think they worth exploring. Should one wish to study specific aspects of the situation in greater detail, ecologise.in would be a good repository of relevant and accessible information and perspectives.

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