Modern Banking System: The Source of All Manipulations

In this video Mike Maloney, explains how money is created by central or national bank(s), and how the modern banking system is designed to transfer the wealth of the majority to a handful few. By explaining this he is in fact showing us, why the privatization of natural resources, pollution, the suicides of small scale farmers, urbanization, and ever-growing working hours are only going to worsen exponentially.

A word of caution: Though the analysis of Mike Maloney about the self-destructive nature of the monetary economy is noteworthy, his recommended solutions to the problem such as, all of us need to accumulate gold and silver as much as possible are indeed wrongheaded. To facilitate that accumulation of metals, to make profit from panicking people, he even runs a website. His shrewdness to fish in troubled waters is nothing but pathetic.

Just like any paper currency, gold and silver has no intrinsic value; it’s value is attributed and based on mere consensus among us.

The standardization of money or currency leads to standardization of production process, thence standardization of work that might involve division of labour as well; finally resulting in a homogeneous, ‘standard’ system. Such delusional and inhuman systems of transaction can be replaced by trust and gift culture. Sacred Economics authored by Charles Eisenstein is a good beginner’s guide on such possibilities of humanity. To read the book online click here

This video is episode 4 of a series of videos together named Hidden Secrets of Money.

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